About Four Seasons Island Resort

The Four Seasons Island Resort and its amenities include a delightful 9 hole golf course, salon and spa, indoor saltwater swimming pool, tennis court, and much much more.

Tucked into the north woods of Wisconsin, the Four Seasons Island Resort is located on the 100 acre Miscauno Island in the Menominee River – which divides Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Originally opened in 1905 by the Wisconsin and Michigan Railroad, this 55 all-suite hotel is located on the majestic Miscauno Island tucked into the north woods of Wisconsin. The magnificent historical facade continues to impress guests as they first peer up at the grand entry when traveling across the original one lane, one hundred-year-old, steel constructed bridge. Guests enjoy modern amenities while the resort’s original architecture, charm and relaxing ambiance have been tastefully preserved.

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Our History

The Four Seasons Island Resort

Renamed the Four Seasons Resort in 2004, this enchanting retreat awaits your arrival with great food, fun golf, all with a casual attitude. Today, The Four Seasons Resort near Pembine, WI, stands as a testament to the dedication and tireless efforts of the many, many people who have worked hard to maintain the beauty and elegance of the days gone by. Recent renovations have upheld the legendary and mysterious character of this icon of the north woods.

You can almost feel the presence of the glamorous starlets and business tycoons of the past generations, who, if they returned, would look proudly upon this architectural masterpiece and sigh wistfully.

Go back in time to a simpler place, when life moved slowly, and excellent service was expected. Let us show you some good, old-fashioned northern hospitality!

Miscauno Island, October 9, 1905…

Guests began to arrive by train from as far away as Chicago on this glorious fall day. The breathtaking Miscauno Inn stood tall on what was then known as Holmes Island. Its builders, the Wisconsin and Michigan Railroad, had great plans for this scenic getaway.

As the train rumbled over the narrow bridge leading to the island, the grandeur came into focus, and of the 400 invitations sent, only 75 went to couples from local cities of Marinette, Menominee, Iron Mountain, Norway, and Peshtigo. Keep in mind that at the time, the city of Marinette was the largest in northeast Wisconsin, with more than 100,000 residents in an active logging community that consisted of numerous lumber barons.

The island covered about 100 acres, with the elegant hotel constructed to complement an “Olde English Inn.” A massive fireplace, expensive chandeliers in Tiffany finish, and silver-plated wall sconces all added to the unique charm of the Inn. A furnished and heated observation tower allowed guests a view of the scenic Menominee River and the nature that surround it. Imported Japanese and Old English prints decorated the living areas. A drawing room, ladies parlor, and dance hall all added to the elegant mystique of the island. 25 bedrooms and tiled bathrooms and showers allowed guests a comfortable existence for the length of their stay.

When the Miscauno Inn burned to the ground in 1923, all that remained was the massive fireplace. The grounds lay barren until a new Four Seasons Club was rebuilt in 1925 around the original fireplace. The posh and expansive clubhouse was surrounded by a challenging golf course and the secluded serenity of nature in the Northwoods.

The Four Seasons Club attracted many celebrities and distinguished guests, as well as being the rumored retreat of Al Capone. Shadowed by recently questionable ties to Chicago’s underground, its mysterious past has done little to taint the glorious appeal of the Four Seasons Club. Recognized as an icon of beauty and elegance, this popular resort has maintained its appeal for over 100 years.